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Recently, I've been focusing my artistic endeavors on exploring Taino paintings, Day of the Dead altars, and other forms of artistic expression. My art mainly features surreal landscapes with symbolic elements, and my style has been influenced by impressionism, surrealism, and pop art. I love to use striking, vivid colors in my work, and I often incorporate mixed media and craft elements to create the desired energy and effect.

FRanchesca Rivera.jpeg

Early Life

I discovered my passion for creativity at a very young age, around three years old. I have a vivid memory of playing with sidewalk chalk and eagerly wanting to show my mom my artwork. Unfortunately, a light rain ruined my masterpiece before I could do so. I was devastated and couldn't help but cry. However, my mom took me outside and pointed out a beautiful rainbow in the sky. At that moment, I felt like the sky had taken my art to show the world. This experience had a profound impact on me and made art feel like pure magic. Since then, my love for art has only grown stronger.

mini french.jpeg


My professional journey as a Graphic Designer started after my enlistment in the Marine Corps where I realized how much I enjoyed creating brand identities internally for companies and platoons. Since 2011 I have gained experience in many disciplines such as: 

  • Global Brand Identity & Management 

  • Immersive Exhibition Design  

  • Facility Interior Design

  • Product Design & Packaging

  • UI/UX Design

  • Web Design

  • Instructional Design

  • Engineering Design


  • 2023  |   New York International Salsa Museum

  • 2021   |   Detroit Institute of Arts Dia de Muertos Ofrendas

  • 2020   |   Detroit Institute of Arts Dia de Muertos Ofrendas


  • 2023  |   Women's Health Magazine

  • 2021   |   Detroit Institute of Arts, Events & Exhibitions brochure

  • 2020   |   Detroit Institute of Arts, Events & Exhibitions brochure

  • 2019  |   Graphic Design USA Magazine


  • 2019      

    • Graphic Design USA Design Awards x2 Winner for brand identity and collateral

  • 2015 

    • Best in Show Portfolio from The Art Institute of Washington ​

    • The Washingtonian Award from The Art Institute of Washington


I am currently attending SCAD to get my M.F.A in Designing for Sustainability. 
My B.F.A is in Graphic & Web Design from the Art Institute of Washington


  • Board Member for Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

  • Tribal member of Higuayagua, Taino Tribe of the Caribbean 

Other mentions

Currently creating the visual identity of my Tribe after historical confirmations

Showcased as an Independent Artist for RAW since 2012 

Won 2 categories in a national competition (GD USA) for Corporate Collateral Design in 2019 (out of 2k+ entries, winning two categories is almost unheard of)

Was chosen out of 200 applicants for the DIA Day of the Dead exhibition in 2020

Designed the exterior of a plane for as a submission for United Airlines competition in 2019 for international Women's Day

Was chosen to exhibt at Passaic Community College in New Jersey for Hispanic Heritage Month in 2015

Competed the Frito Lays Black History Month art contest in 2014

Won Best Portfolio at The Art Institute of Washington

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